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Welcome to my homepage once again.. well some of you might be thinking why do i have to build another page when i already have a webpage http://RANDYCKC.HOME.ICQ.COM right? well the reason is simple. Its because ICQ these days SUCKS!! i dont even have access to my OWN homepage, how am i supposed to even edit my own website when i dont have access.. So my web page is somehow stuck there.. so i have decided to build a web page here. And i hope i can build one as before but unfortunately its been a while and i forgoten all my scripts.. ok .. enough crap here, hope u enjoy your stay! By the way, if you do have any commnts or suggestion, or even dissatisfaction, e-Mail me at anytime at !

Hey ! one more thing not to be missed!! as usual .. i would
if you guys would just spend a little little time signing my Guestbook ? well i admit my guestbook looks plain but it took me great pains to look for a guest book for my webpage.. its simple! just click on the link below and there you go, Sign my Guest Book!! ThankS for Visiting by the way`
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OhYeA.. one more thing, i thought of trying including a forum to my website, dont know if the response will be good but.. hope it works! so .. drop by and just write anything there if you want ok?(comments, hate letters etc.. )


You're unbelievably perfect in every single way,

You're the only one I look forward to seeing... in a day. I hate how nothing ever works out for me, That's one of the reasons why I'm never happy. You're the only one who makes me feel like this, You're the reason why my past, I'll always miss.

I know it's not good to constantly dwell in the past, But I wouldn't have to... if only it would last. You've changed my way of thinking in everything I do, And when I wake in each morning, my first thought is of you. My life has no purpose without you in it, I'd love to be with you each and every minute. Until this day, I haven't thought about our moments together; Now, as they come back to me, they will be cherished forever.It seems to me we're back the same, I need to let you know that I feel this way, So we can try to work this out and catch hold of our beautiful relationship which, is already beautiful..

If you remember only one thing about all this and maybe of how we were then remember this "I'll always miss and love you forever"

Now just to remind all of u ..

This page of mine serve no purpose of harming insulting others, and i have created my site with security systems . So i somehow hope that visitors will enjoy my site and dont somehow try to destroy my site by hacking or misusing the materials published. Thank You for visiting.

Randy Chuah


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