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Golden Retriever
Ruffy's last photograph - in my room

Name : Ruffy
Sex : Female
DOB : 15th March 2005
Breed : Golden Retriever
Age : 3 months and 10 days
Passed away on : 25th June 2005
In loving memory of Ruffy, who passed away on the 25th of June 2005. She shall remain in our hearts always

Ever since i was a young kid, i had always love dogs. if you were to ask me how many dogs i have had before, seriously i have lost track. so many dogs have come and go in my life, until recently, something happened that really broke my heart this time.
It was a usual saturday afternoon and i had nothing to do. i decided to take a ride down town to have a look at a local pet shop. as i entered, i looked around at the various kinds of dogs they had in store. as i walked to the back of the shop, i saw a Golden Retriever with her puppies. I could not put it into words how gorgeous those puppy looked like, and i really couldnt resist bringing one home. so i waited, and waited for the puppy to grow old enough for it to leave its mother.
6 weeks have pass and it is time to bring her home. at that time, my budget was rather tight and thankfully the petstore owner was a friend of mine and he agreed to let me pay installments. i brought the puppy home. at the beginning, my mother wasnt very happy with it, because i didnt discuss with her beforehand and brought a puppy(a commitment) home wothout her consent. I named that golden puppy i brought home Ruffy. it was a Female and she was very obedient and active. not too long later my family members start to love her more and more. why? of all the dogs i have ever had, she is the most obedient dog we ever had. we could even keep her in the house.
Everything settled down and Ruffy is now part of the family. Ruffy was especially close to me. She sleeps in my room at night, and during the day, she would follow me around the house wherever i go. she never disturb us, she just follow around and do her own things. she hardly mess up the house too.. slowly i began to get bvery attached to her. whenever i am bored or feeling down, i'd call for her, sit down and talk to her. she would sit and look at me as though she understands and is trying to console me.
My dad also loves ruffy alot, and in fact, he spends quite alot of time with ruffy, training her to be more obedient and teaching her tricks and stunts. i did alot of research on the internet regarding Golden Retrievers and i found out that Goldens likes water and they love to swim. So my dad  and i actually filled up a big, faulty water tank which was not in use anymore to let her swim. she was quite scared at first but se seem to enjoy splashing in it. Everytime when my mother washes the floor, she would lie on the wet floor and play with the water hose where the water is coming from. In fact, without relaising, Ruffy has brought us alot of laughter and has indeed brought my family closer together. we would sit down together, observe her and laugh at the funny things she does. Everyone loves her.
Just as everything seem to be going fine and so smoothly, (she had her 3rd vaccination, we renovated the house a little for her etc) she began to fall sick. At first she lost her appetite, and i thought she might have ate something which does not agree with he stomach. so i fed her soft foof(soaked dog food) and keep an eye on her.. the second day, she began vomitting so i called the vet. The vet came, gave her a jab and some tablets. The vet(Dr. Koh) mentioned to me that it was a Parvo Virus season and i have to be very observant and he reminded me that if i notice blood in her droppings, i had to bring her to the vet. immediately to admit her. true enough, few hours after the Vet left, she started shitting blood. i began to panick and called Dr Koh. To my dismay, Dr. Koh had left for thailand on that day itself and the vet has closed. so i had no choice but to wait for the vet to open the next day. The following morning, we brought ruffy to the vet. clinic and there, they did several tests on her and gave her another jab and several more pills bt they just did not want to admit her to the clinic. At this time, it has been 2+ days she had gone without food nor water. The vet told me she is not dehydrated yet that she can still come home and is not serious enough for her to be admitted. so i brought her home. she seemed fine that night, takng short walks around the porch, and sleeping soundly throughout the night. i thought she was getting better.
The next morning, when i woke up, the first thing i did was to check on her. when i went down, i saw my dad washing her back as it was dirty due to the diahhrea and vomiting. she still seemed okay and we continued doing out own things. as we were having lunch at home, we suddenly heard a strange noise coming from outside. i rushed to the door and looked outside. i saw ruffy lying down in a very unusual pose. i called out for her but she didnt respond. i began to freak out at that moment. hoping she is just asleep and didnt hear me calling her. because usually she would respond and come to me whenever i call out for her. i opened the door, rushed to her and pat her head lightly. she was still breathing but she seems to have lost all her energy. she couldnt even stand up  or look at me. white bubbly fluid was comin out of her mouth at that time. i was so scared i called the vet immediately. they told me to ruch her to the clinic at once so i did as they said. i put her on a towel, and on to the car. i drove as fast as i could, hoping to reach the vet in time. unfortunately at a traffic light stop, i saw her gasping her last few breaths with my own eyes. she was breathing very hard. And do you know what is it that hurt me so much until now?
As she gasped for her last breath, she used up her all the strength she has left to tilt her head, open her eyes to look at me. she took a deep breath and closes her eyes slowly. i called out her name repeatedly but she didnt even respond at all. i reached out for her at the back seat, and she has stop breathing. immediately i broke out into tears. i just couldnt believe the fact that she has been with me for such a short priod of time only and just as everything seems to be going fine, she's leaving us. i didnt go to the vet. i turned back home, lay her on the floor, i sat there looking at her hoping for a miracle, sobbing like a kid. how could this be happening i thought to myself. at that very moment i started blaming myself for not taking care of her enough. my mom and dad are also as hear broken as i am. but no one would understand what i am going through. At her very last breath when she turn to look at me, i can see in her eyes that she is trying to tell me she dont want to go yet, she still wants to be weth us, with me! as though i can hear her saying " i dont want to leave you yet, i wanna be with you.. but i cant" .. each time her last few moments flash through my mind.. my eyes will definitely be filled with tears.i had never felt so heartbroken before in my life losing a dog i love so much. i really loved her very much but her time is up. and i have to accept the fact that she now only lives in our hearts, in our memory, and Ruffy, will be part of my memory that i will never ever forget in my life. she had been such a great companion i ever had, short, but sweet...




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